Sunday, February 26, 2012

Noah's Ark

My little ones made these beautiful watercolors last week during religion class.  It is hard to see but even the fish are swimming two by two.  They are so cute.  It took us a couple of days to make these.  The first day the children used their crayons to create the ark.  We discussed how Noah and his sons made the ark out of wood and nails.  Look at the details.  We read the story:

We discussed on the second day how Jan Brett drew the animals two by two.  We listen to some songs I had bookmarked on Youtube:
During story time we read:

On the third day we used oil pastels to draw the ocean, grass and rainbows.  Then we used our watercolors  to paint the sky.  
I love how they turned out!  For those of you that do not teach in a religious school you can do something similar to this with spring flowers.  

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