Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving Cards for the Elderly

Throughout the school year our kindergarten and first grade classes send cards to the elderly in our parish to bring some holiday cheer their way.

 This is my 10th year and each year it is hard to think of a new idea for the children to create.

I was inspired this year when I saw this idea on Pinterest.....sorry no site given.

Unfortunately I did not think the noodles would make it through the I was thinking sticky tape  until I saw another idea on 
Use scrapbook paper to create feathers.....that was so easy to do.

I have a whole file folder of scrap pieces of scrapbook paper.

And the results and these beautiful cards for someone special :)


  1. These are beautiful. The people receiving them will certainly appreciate them.

  2. Very cute! And a great use for all that scrap paper I have sitting around. Thanks for sharing!

    Ann @

  3. The pasta turkeys were in the Publix ad this week. My daughter found the same ad and made them with her class. I do think the paper ones will hold up better, but the pasta ones were cute!


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