Saturday, August 27, 2011

Quick Makeover

I have had this supply drawer in my classroom for all ten years now,  and it was mostly likely there before me as well.
I actually love to organize things in it.  When I first came to the classroom I made little white cards to label the drawers.  Over the years the cards seem to disappear........where do they go????  I do not know.

Problem number two.......whenever I am busy and I need something I send a student over to the drawers to get something.  I generally pick someone who I know can already read.    But they still struggle finding the items for me.

So I decided to number the drawers instead,  I hope this will help the children locate the items for me,  as well as reinforce number identification.  I am always looking for ways to make number identification part of the environment.

Of course I had to add a pop of color to the project and some polka dots......

I will need to make a chart for me so I know what is in each drawer but I will learn.

The labels were so simple to make:
1.  Print out numbers and punch with into circles with a circle puncher.
2.  I used scrapbook paper for the cards, but you can use any paper.
3.  Tape together and laminate.

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