Saturday, July 30, 2011

Oh My Gosh ............ So Cute

Last year,  I bought these plain white benches at Target for my listening center.  One of the benches I bought for additional 15% off because it was all scratch up.   So I put my spray paint addiction to work and painted these benches white.....

Then sponge painted my favorite circle pattern on them.

At first I was going to use black vinyl to put on the words....Listening Bench.....but last minute I saw the green vinyl and decided to use that instead......

Honestly.....I think they are SO CUTE.......... Finally I put a coat of
Mod Podge

on to protect the letters so the children will not peel them and make it easier to wash fingerprints off.   :)

PS...I finally received my copy of Math Work Stations in the mail Thursday and I haven't put it down......and my pattern benches can be part of one my Geometry activities.  :)


  1. I keep reading about people cutting letters from vinyl on Cricut and Silhouette machines. Where can you get vinyl sheets from? I have looked and looked and can't find them...

  2. First of all do you own one of the machines???? the Cricut machine you can buy at a craft store the Sihouette machine you can buy at then you buy your vinyl at the same place.

    I have a silhouette machine it..... you can order everything on line....and it is set up with your computer....

    Sue :)

  3. Hi Sue, once you read Debbie's book it will make organizing your math stations so much easier! I loaned mine to a colleague this summer but wish I hadn't since I would love to re-fresh. Enjoy your read! Liz :)


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