Monday, May 1, 2017

Stick Bang or Kaboom

 Stick Bang or Kaboom whatever you call this game it is something you need to have in your teaching bag of tricks.  It is so popular with all of the students I work with.  They love this game in fact they beg to play this game.  I first found this game in a sight word packet I purchased from Reagan Tunstall.  It was the best $5.75 I spent on TPT. 
I have made so many games based of her idea and at a variety of grade levels.  
This year I made several different versions for different students. 

For the little four year olds I work with I made:

  • Capital Letters
  • Lowercase Letters
  • Number Awareness to 20
  • Shapes and Colors
For the five year olds I made:

  • Number Awareness to 30 (for the beginning of the years)
  • Number Awareness to 100
  • CVC words
For the first graders I made:

  • sight words at different levels
  • CVC words
  • CVCE words
  • Blends/Digraphs
  • vowel team words
For the advanced math students I work with I made:

  • Fast Facts for Math Fluency

I keep all the different games in plastic quart size baggies and then have my large pails for games.

I have to admit with the four year olds we had to take the BANG stick out of the bucket.  There were way to many tears and the little ones were so happy to collect sticks.  

Another bonus to this activity is that I can easily put this together the night before.  You can use simple markers, stickers or pre-made materials to make the sticks more colorful.  Here is a link to Pinterest for more ideas.    

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