Monday, May 22, 2017

Math Centers: Money Counting Cards

As part of my math instruction I like to have Math Stations to reinforce our daily instruction.   
My students finish their class work at different times and begin Math Stations.  I try to introduce at least one or two new stations a week.  I generally have five to six stations going at one time.  
When they complete the lesson, I do a quick check of their work and then the students go to the Math Station they were working on until it is complete.  When they complete that station then they can move to the next one.   With Money Counting Cards, it is really important to me that each student completes each color level correctly before he/she continues to the next level because each level get a little bit harder.  

When all the students complete a station then I introduced a new station. 
Once in a while I have a few students who take forever to complete a station.  I generally pack up that station and they take it home for homework so the class can move on.  Or if I know they are the type that will not return it,  I have them do it during recess. 

Generally I have the stations set up around the room so my students are busy working in different corners.   I like to use these tabletop pocket charts because they are easy to set up and fold during the Math lessons.  
If you want to see more details about the Math Station activity please go to my TPT store and check it out.  

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