Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My first lesson with a QR reader

One of my "sick goals" during my time off is to create a lesson using a QR reader.  It was not easy to find directions on how to create a lesson.  Of course I want to do this for free. One of my biggest obstacles was staying focused and awake.   It took me a while however finally I found a blog with great tech ideas that pointed me in the right direction...Reflections on Teaching, Learning and Technology.

Sara had a post where she wrote about creating a lesson about QR codes for kindergarten....so I followed her suggestions and after a few misses I created a lesson of my own.  

Here is what I learned in the process of creating a lesson using QR codes!!

1.  Never Give Up.....
The first couple blogs I read were not helpful, thank goodness the sixth one was.

2.  Start with Kaywa. I had to sign up but it did let me try for free with joining.  I was able to download the codes I made without paying.  

3.  I had to click the "more" button and look for the word text.  Then I could type whatever I wanted.  Next, click Generate and download the format you want.  So simple!!!

4.  Following the suggestion from Sara at Reflections on Teaching Blog, I downloaded the app i-nigma from the app store.  Yeah, this was free and it is perfect for the kiddos.  Very easy for kindergarteners and first graders to use.   

5.  Finally I created my lesson.  I imported all my qr codes into word document and printed them.  I cut them out and put them on apple cut-outs because that is what I have at home.
6.  I created a simple recording sheet for my students. 
7.  Now Monday on my first day back at school my students will have a fun activity to do for spelling.  If you are interested in trying my lesson you can get a FREE copy HERE!  Enjoy!

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