Monday, July 28, 2014

Can Anyone Help Me with this Surprise????

My baby girl is moving into her own apartment and I want to give her a surprise gift.  Like a good mother I stalked her Pinterest boards and found this Zebra Canvas that she wants.  I followed the links, I googled, I searched high and low for hours and I can not find where to buy these zebras.  Does anyone know where I can find these cute little guys???

Someone please help me!!!


  1. Hi there,Sue. I've just found this for you. Hope it helps!!!

  2. Hi again!!! Yes, now I'm sure. It's a composition made with two or three sets of decals, or just a copy. They are the same drawings! An I have found out how much they are: $49.99. ; )
    Check this too:

  3. I found it!!! :) Right here, all six...$89.95

    woo hoo!! :) That was a challenge, but fun!

    Liesl in VA

  4. The previous finders found you a deal!! I found the original image of the bedroom from this blog : and followed the link to the painting for around $400.
    I'm thinking the decals and a large canvas would be a great gift!

  5. Thank you so much for your help..I am going to go with the wall decals and hope I can find a large canvas to put them on so she can take them as she moves from place to place. I have a feeling this is just a first apartment.



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