Monday, May 13, 2013

16 School Days of Kindergarten Left......

This is a sign that my days in kindergarten are numbered…..

Today I took home my first bucket of math manipulatives to wash. 

Do you wash all your manipulatives and toys at the end of the year?  
Or is this just my cleaning sickness kicking in?

I only have 16 school days left and I need to organize my room for a new teacher. 

I will be swapping rooms with my partner teacher ….. 
long story short……
my present room is the kindergarten room…
her room is a better first grade room.

So three things need to happen:
1.    I need to pack up my stuff to move to first grade.
2.   I need to pack up kindergarten stuff to move to the other kindergarten room.
3.   I really need to de-clutter and simplify.  Eleven years in the same classroom, you can imagine all the junk valuable teaching things I have collected!  

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