Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Please Help My Class

Last Week I shared with you a nice note a parent wrote about me.

Mrs. Schueller is an amazing teacher who cares for all her students and is always encouraging them to do their best.  She develops programs that engages her students and lets their imaginations explore everything on Earth and in outer space.  She teaches her students to respect and care for each other and for the community.  We are very blessed to have her at our school and as our teacher.

The parent wrote it for a contest at the mall, entitled Celebrating Teachers.  Now the fun begins....

Voting of course the voting is everyday ... for seven days, which I think is crazy.  You have to be older than 13 to vote, that leaves out my students.  So I am asking for your help as well.

I sat down with my little ones and told them that I would share the gift with them.

I asked them what would they like to buy for the classroom with $500 at the mall.

They suggested candy and muffins.

Really I am not joking....after a little more thought one little boy came up with the idea that maybe some books because there are some books by the toy trains at the mall.

I suggested to the children that maybe we could get another ipad for the classroom because then we would have enough spots for each child during centers to be a some type of technology.

They thought about it and still like the candy and muffins, however maybe the ipad is not a bad idea.

Please go to this link and help us out and vote for me, Sue Schueller.

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  1. What a wonderful parent!! my vote is done, good luck! liz


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