Saturday, February 9, 2013

Opposite Books

Each week the 8th graders come downstairs to my kindergarten classroom for buddy time.  Each year the group of 8th graders is a bit different.  This year the group needs a lot of direction and structure. 

This week I thought of a writing activity that we could work on together. 

I was reading books with opposites in them to my little ones and they were enjoying  the books a lot.

When the 8th graders arrived I gave them some simple directions, help their little buddy write and illustrate a book about opposites.  I was assuming two things in my directions.

1.    My little ones would be able to lead the activity because they have already made so many books this year.
2.    The 8th graders would be able to help the little ones spell.

I was pleased with the results.  Each book was unique and each book and something we could discuss after reading it.  Each book had nice illustrations.  The best part of all.all the children were working together .. focused for about 25 minutes.  YEAH!

And I have to say the books are a nice balance of kindergarten and 8th combine work.
This will be on my list again for next year. :)

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