Friday, December 21, 2012

Polar Express Day

The Polar Express

Our Polar Express Day was a lot of fun again this year.  The families really went all out on creating their train cars. 

We set aside a time to have a Polar Express Parade this year and it was a lot of fun.  

We tried to go into other classrooms however it was hard to move some of the train cars in the classroom.  

Next year we are going to stick to the hallways and the gym. 
I want to try to remember to invite the whole school to come and watch. 

This year I made a Polar Express Sight Word Bingo Game and the kids love playing it.  I want to remember to use peppermint candy for the markers next year. 

For our snack this year our parent helper made cute reindeer and candy cane cookies to go with hot chocolate.  

Here my post from last year if you want to read more detail information about the day.

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  1. Lots of Polar Express fun! Love the train cars they made!
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