Friday, October 26, 2012

VIP Day and Boo Fest

This was a crazy day.  Today our school welcomed all the VIP's to an afternoon of prayer and treats.  My students worked hard to get the classroom looking great.  Our primary hallway looked amazing as well.  I took a few pictures of some of the great projects hanging up to share with you.

The picture above is outside my classroom.  My students made the large Frankensteins.  I was inspired by the witches the other K5 made.  Tonight the children came back to school for Boo Fest,  trick or treating at school and some other fun and games.  Click Here if you want to see last years decorations.

My class made some ghosts to hang up from the ceiling in the hallway.

The four year old kindergarten made these adorable bats in art class.

The first graders made these two cute projects.

My class made these scarecrows, pumpkins and flowers.

My partner teacher had both K5 classes make this adorable friendship rainbow.

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