Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Leaves

image from google

Right now the leaves look like this outside my classroom,  so we are reading lots of books about leaves.  The children are loving leaves in my classroom.  They are collecting leaves constantly and bringing them in for show and tell.  

Here are some of our favorite books:

We made a class book about leaves too.

Click Here if you would like a copy of the Leaves class book.  I used sticky tape and a leaf punch from Michaels to create the leaves for the children.  

We also made a Leaf Man Art Project
Here are the poems about Leaves that I am teaching my little ones.


  1. We are playing with leaves too! We have been writing about changes in the fall-weather, food, clothes, leaves. So much fun. We have piles of leaves too. This class book is a perfect fit. Liz :)

  2. Love this cute book. I'm doing a snowflake version as well. The kids love having books they made and this one was so easy to make.


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