Monday, September 10, 2012

Morning Check In

Morning Check In

Each morning when my little ones come to school they have five responsibilities for morning Check In.
1.   Put your water bottles in the kitchen area.
2.  Put your folder on my table.
3.   Put your backpack on the floor of your locker.
4.  Hang up your jacket.
5.   Sign in for the day.

Sign In for the day is very important.  It is a great way for my little ones to practice writing their names. My little ones put their names in this pocket chart each morning.  It is a quick way for me to scan and see who is here. 

The top slip is the first day of school sample and the bottom slip is the ninth day of school sample. 

You can already see some improvement from some of the mini lessons we have had so far. The purple marks you see are my corrections.  I try to correct in front of each child and talk about how he/she can improve one thing each day.  

Each Quarter the Check In process changes:
Q1:  Practice printing first name
Q2:  Practice printing first and last name
Q3:  First and last name and phone number
Q4:  First and last name
       Phone number


  1. ooooh! i like this! This would be more fun than just sitting and writing it over and over. thanx

  2. I LOOOOOOOVE THE CHECK IN IDEA! I am going to use it! Thanks for sharing & blogging- bless your heart!

  3. Do the kids sign in with a notebook or loose leaf sheets? I love your idea.... I tried last year they worked on one letter each week and I had the remaining letters printed on the computer.....lots of work for two sessions. Love the owl theme.

    1. Thanks Pamela for reading TVBK. I have the children sign in on individual sheets that way I could easily correct them and send them home each week. I did run the handwriting lines back to back so that I did not waste paper. I find that when you work on some type of handwriting each day the children's handwriting looks good.


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