Friday, July 6, 2012

In Pictures and In Words Ch. 8

In Pictures and In Words
Book Study  Chapter 8

Wow!  What an amazing chapter!
 Precision and Detail, In Pictures and In Words.
 How many times do you tell your little ones to add more details?  In my case about a million times a day!!!  What an important point Katie ray Wood is making in this chapter…..
teach and model the importance of details. 

Yes…Details Matter …good writers and illustrators understand the importance of adding details.   And every little detail means something.

The saying, “A picture is worth a 1000 words,” is what this chapter is all about.  Wood wants us to teach our little ones to do think about two things when they look at an illustration:
1.      What details to they see in the illustration?
2.    What do the details represent in their illustrations?  Draw connections to the real world.

Technique 13 Crafting Detail of Expression and Gestures
Have your little ones “people watch” as the look at the illustrations.
What is the character thinking? Feeling?

Technique 14 Crafting Physical Details of Characters
What details did the illustrator use to portray the characters?  Clothing/hairstyles/adornments

Technique 15 Revealing Character with Background Details
More details of the character and the story and revealed through the background of the illustrations.

Technique 16 Crafting Details from the World of Nature
Look for more details from the natural world to make the story seem real.

Technique 17 Showing the Effects of Weather on a Scene

Technique 18  Crafting Details from the World of People
Using details from the world of people to make the setting seem real.

Technique 19 Using Authentic, Object-Specific Details
It looks like the illustrator created the object just like the real object. 
Technique 20 Creating the Illusion of Motion with Detail
The illustrator some how shows motions in the illustrations.

Technique 21 Creating the Illusion of sound with Details

Technique 22 Using Details as an Element of Surprise
A detail may hold an insider’s surprise for the reader. 

In Lois Elhert’s books she puts a heart somewhere.

Jan Brett likes to hide a hedgehog somewhere is her books.

You can just imagine what your little ones will produce in their illustrations when you study the details in illustrations.  I cannot wait to see if there will be a difference. 
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  1. Wow! You found a lot of great books!! I loved this chapter too! I'm always telling my kinders to add more detail! Thanks for linking up!
    Growing Kinders

  2. Lots of great books! I forgot about Jan Brett having a hedgehog in her books. I did not know about Lois Ehlert had hearts on hers! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I can't wait for my book to arrive so that I can chime in.
    Thanks for sharing,

    Liz :)


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