Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Is Here

Happy Summer Everyone!
Finally I can enjoy summer.  My classroom is all cleaned and packed away.  I finished all my paper work.  The staff meetings are over and now I can just relax.  

Relax.......relax......relax...... OK now I need to read!
I promised to read two books for two different blog groups.

and my school summer list of things to do:
Oh yeah....don't forget I need to ride my bike everyday!


  1. I think our packed up classrooms just look so lonely! :) Looks like you have a lot to do over the summer. It goes by too fast doesn't it?
    Conversations in Literacy

  2. Hi, I am new to your blog! I love your classroom! I also planned to read Teaching Student-Centered Mathematics this summer--will you be writing about that book this summer? Thanks!

  3. Hi Amy, Welcome to my blog. I will write about the book if I find something that is important to me. I did not find any book groups for that book but it does look very interesting. I am also reading Guided Math.

    1. I'm also reading Guided Math, it's time to me to get a handle on Math Workshop! I'm enjoying peeking around your blog. Have a great summer!


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