Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tag You're It

Tag I'm it 

I've just been tagged by Kelly at:

Can you believe it?  Another new blog to me!  

1. What is your funniest teaching moment or story?
This is so hard.  My little ones make me laugh every day.  The funniest story I have this year is from the beginning of the year.  One of my little ones had an accident.  I sent him to the health room.  I thought the matter was taken care of, however when he came back to the classroom he made an announcement.  "Don't worry when you have an accident.  It is ok.  You get to pick new underwear with Batman or Spiderman!"

2. What is your worst teaching experience?
I don't know what my worst teaching experience is......but I can tell you the last three years  has been difficult for me trying to do everything without an aide.  I know I have been very spoiled to have an aide for 7 years and then three years without an aide has made a lot more work for me.    I struggle with a lot of different, wonderful, well meaning people who try to help, but a lot of times they tend to get the kids wild.  

3. What other careers did you consider (if any)?
I considered going into retail.  I would have loved to have my own childrens' book store like Meg Ryan's character in You Got Mail.  or I would like to own a bakery shop and make cookies and muffins.

4. What is your favorite movie?
My favorite movie is Serendipity.

5. What is the best NON children's book that you have ever read?
I love this book.  It has helped me put things in order.

6. What will you spend your time doing this summer?
I will spend my summer riding my bike.  I am training to participate in a 68 mile bike ride for:
This is going to be a huge challenge for me.  

7. What kinds of school things do you bring home in your "teacher" bag to work on? Do you get them done or take them back to school undone?
Each night I correct my students' daily check in papers and their calendar journal.  I have to do that each night.  I tape in their calendar journal a new daily math problem.  

I bring home all work done that day to file.  
Starting today I have to do one page of the students' memory book as well.

8. How do you spend your time outside of the school day?

Each night after school I have to ride 15 miles .......this week, it will increase as the weeks go on.

 I make and clean up dinner for my hubby and son.

Then I go to work on my computer blogging and correcting papers.  

9.  If you played & won the lottery, how would you spend the money? Would you continue to teach?
If  I won the lottery I would first help my kids pay off their college loans.  Then I would travel to Italy and Hawaii.  

I would retire from teaching so I could travel.   I would most likely volunteer to read with children at my school.  

10. What is the most exciting/interesting place you have visited for a vacation?
I have traveled the world.  When I was in 8th grade my parents took me to see Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.  

I went to see the Pyramids in Egypt with my parents when I was 17.

My favorite place was the Eiffel Tower in Paris, my husband and I went there about five years ago.  
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And Now it is my Turn

Here are my 10 questions.  And I picked 10 bloggers that are new to me that I would like to get to know:
1.      What is your favorite memory from this school year?
2.    What is something you have learned from reading blogs?
3.    What is your favorite children’s’ book?
4.    What teacher resource book would you recommend for summer reading?
5.    Do you have something fun planned for the summer?
6.    How do you spend your free time away from school?
7.     Where is your favorite place to shop?
8.    What is your favorite TV show?
9.    What is your favorite song?
10.  If you could go on vacation right now where would you go?

TAg You Are It!!

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