Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Look Who Wants To Come To Kindergarten

Look who really……really wants to come to kindergarten.  

But the teacher does not think the pigeon is ready yet. 
Please, No Pigeons! 

The children painted a pigeon during center time and then when the pigeon dried they outlined it with a black sharpie. 

Then they taped their pigeon onto the page they made for the class book..  Each child thought of a reason why the pigeon would want to come to kindergarten.

Here are my beginning page, student page, and ending page.  I saved the last pigeon and we thought of another thing the pigeon would like to do.....go to first grade.

I have to say that the children came up with the best reasons why we should let the pigeon come to come to kindergarten.
·      I will be your friend.
·      I will sit by you on the carpet.
·      I will play with you in the art center.
·      I will play the bingo game with you on the I pad.
·      I will play with you on the playground.
·      I will give you cookies.
·      I will help you when you are hurt.
·      I will help you when you are sad.

The book is adorable.  

And as an added bonus for the ipad center I downloaded the following app..........  The kids are having so much fun with this app.   However it is not free. :(  but is is fun! 

At the computer center the children can go to Mo Willems students love the hot dog game and the piggy and elephant dance.

If you are looking for more good pigeon ideas go to First Grader At Last Blog


  1. I adored Pigeon activities when I was teaching...

    I had my 2nd graders write letters to the pigeon explaining "why" he couldn't drive the bus...hilarious.


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