Friday, February 3, 2012

February Math Stations

This month I am trying to do ten math stations so that I can start with at  two children at each station.   During large group time I want to focus on sorting money with the children and subtraction, therefore I want the math stations to review numbers and addition.  

Last month my children had a hard time with the counting pictures and recording tally marks so I want to go back and have my little ones review that concept.

Here is the cover page that I like to use to make sure that all the children completed all the stations.  This is mainly for me because I have a couple little ones who need several turns at the same stations to complete it.  

February Math Stations Cover Page Here     

1.  Counting Valentine Tally Marks

Recording Sheet for Valentine Tally Marks

2.  Valentine Addition

I plan on having the children make addition bracelets with beads and pipe cleaners during a math lesson this first week and then they can use them while they complete this page.

Also this page is a bit hard for my little ones so I will modify it a bit with easier problems.  

3.  This Snowman Button book is so cute.  You can get a copy at Kindergarten Hoppenings and see Shannon's adorable baby.  

I will have my little ones add the buttons with dabbers.  They will be so excited to do this because we have not worked much with the dabbers.  

4.  Valentine Roll and Color at Ms. Rachel's Room  This is another great addition activity.  

5.  The Great Coin Collection was great at The First Grade Parade.

I absolutely love the game, however my exit expectations for kindergarten are that I teach the penny, nickel and dime.  So I needed to change the money of this wonderful activity.  Here is my version, not as fancy but it will work.  

6.  This Hundred Chart Surprise is a wonderful follow up activity to 100 day.  You can find it at Inspired by Kindergarten.  I dont think I will have my little ones looking for the numbers around the room.  I think I will have them pulled the number from a mystery bag.  This will keep them focused in one area.  

7.   Ipad Money Sort Game is a great game.  It mixes up identifying coins with counting coins.  My little ones will enjoy this game.  

8.  This Hundred Pattern Block Activity and Tally Marks was made by one of my friends Katie K.  who happens to volunteer in my classroom who was once a kindergarten teacher.  I had to scan it in because she made it by hand.  Very Cute!!!  The children will color the 100 to match the pattern blocks then used.  Then they tally up the number of blocks used in the picture.  Finally they do some number comparing with greater than/less than.  Wow!  Lots of review here!!

I will blog about these last two when I get them together this weekend.  :)

9.  I found this Love Bug Game on pinterest and I am turning it into a subtraction game.  Roll the dice and look for the bigger number than take away the smaller number to find your answer.  Create your bug!

10.  Busted is a money game.   Each person picks a stick from the jar.  The person with the largest value wins a sticker for his/her piggy bank.  If you get BUSTED you lose your piggy bank and have to start over.  If there is a tie – than you pick two more sticks to break the tie.  The first person to fill in his/her bank with stickers without breaking the bank wins.  


  1. Sue, I just found your blog. It's terrific, of course! :) I saw that you were doing money, and I wanted to recommend three songs that really helped my children identify coins and learn their value:

    "Money Song" by Dr. Jean
    "How Many Pennies" by Ron Brown
    "Shoe Me The Money" by Jack Hartmann

    If you have time, stop by my blog. I have tons of February freebies and ideas.

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT

  2. Thanks for the great ideas.


  3. I'm glad you liked my 100 pattern block activity from my 100th day math and literacy centers!;)
    Little Warriors


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