Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thank You Friends

Thank you
I would like to thank three special people today...........
laura from kinder kraziness

For the wonderful award.  It was very kind of you to recognize the work I am doing on my blog. 

Here are the things to do with this award:  
1.  Thank and recognize the blogger you receive the award from
2.  Tell seven things about yourself
3.  Pass the award on to 15 newly discovered blogs and let them know ....... OH MY!!!  Really 15!!! 

Seven Things About ME
1.       I love to organize things and I passed this obsession down to ....... two of my children. 
2.    I like to ride my bike........I am hoping to participate in a 50 mile bike ride this summer.  
3.     I am obsessed with getting an ipad for my classroom right now...... I can't think of anything else. 

4.  OK.....I can think of something else.....I will be cheering for the GREEN BAY PACKERS TODAY!!

Go Pack Go!!!
5.  I am on a personal journey to lose one pound a week...............which is really hard for me because.........
6.  I love to bake cookies.............especially if they have chocolate in them........
7.   I love   and I mean love   to drink hot chocolate from Starbucks only :)

PS   if you want to see my grand dog Lucky click here

ok now for the hard part  15 newly discovered blogs..........since I only read about the ipad2 for the past week ...................the two new blogs that I have read from top to bottom and found  an enormous amount of information from to help write my proposal to the parents for the wish list are........
Enormous Elephants to Introduce MY Blogs for the Award.........

Digital Kindergarten

If you are looking for information about using ipads in your classroom I would start with these two sites.  Very helpful :)  


  1. Thank you!! I am also obsessed with ipads and really want two for my K room. We had the ipod touch for six weeks and the kids were amazing! Our tech savy teacher on staff is aghast that I would spend the money on an ipad instead of purchasing less expensive androids but I just don't know enough to compare. Have you done some research in this area?


    1. I have not compared the ipad to other products........I am a huge fan of apple products. I love that I can go to the apple store and they will help me with all my questions ...big and small. It is hard to do that with other products. Also the apple store offers one on one course as well.....which I plan on taking. Many of the 8th graders as well as parents at our school have personal ipads so I am sure they will help me as well.


  2. Thanks for adding our blog as a resource! We are honored.

  3. Thanks for sharing my blog; I am so glad you've found it useful! I had an android phone and MUCH prefer my iPhone/iPad/iPods- so much more intuitive and the apps availbale for ECE are by far superior- and so many are free. In my opinion. :)


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