Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January Math Stations

I am still not happy with how my math stations are working.....

I am doing a couple of new things this month in hopes of improving how things work:

1.  I made a Math Centers Chart to help visualize where each child is working.

2.  I made each child a January Work Station Bingo Grid so they can see what they need to complete.

Station 1:  We will be creating a class book with penguins.  Each child needs to draw four baby chicks and one mother penguin for the book.  I will have these pages from Pinterest I found to help guide them in their illustrations.  (I will post more about this next week.)

The next three images are from Nothing but Penguins

Station 2:  Save The Snowman   Free at Heathers First Grade Heart  
I created a recording sheet for my students for this game.....I like them to hand something in to me.

Station 3:  Skip Count by 10's with the Penguins  Free at Oh the Places We'll Go

Station 4:  Roll the Penguin  Free at  Rowdy in First Grade

Station 5:  Skip Count the Penguins by 5's  Free at Oh The Places We'll Go

Station 6:  Winter Tally  Free at Heathers First Grade Heart

Station 7:  Pennies for Penguins  ( I am working on this now!)

Station 8:  Computer Game....Fun for the Brain...Peabody the Penguin Addition

Station 9:  Computer ....Counting Penguin Story


  1. I love the drawing aspect...math stations have been a thorn in my side! lol (but trying to do a better job!)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I like the personal bingo grid of ideas, I know I love to check things off once I'm finished!

    Miss Moore

  3. I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award! Click on my blog name to go check it out!

    Kinder Kraziness

  4. I love my math stations. Here is my framework for sixteen kinders.
    1. choose 2 students to be partners using assessment of social skills and math knowledge.
    2. plan nine numbered stations making sure that some are very familiar ie: puzzle. I like to have them experience daily practice with all of the concepts that we have completed but still leave choices ie: pattern but they decide on the core pattern. I also vary collaborative, competitive and options to work side by side.
    3. put their names in a pocket chart with the number beside them. I rotate the number each day.
    4.Put "I Can" instructions which include photos in a plastic sleeve and put into each tub if needed to provide some inspiration
    5. Integrate into the schedule so that about 8-11 minutes each day is dedicated to math stations.

    Once the routine became well established and problems sorted out, then I was able to work with a small group. It runs super smoothly. I was inspired by Debbie Dillers book Math Stations and tweaked my framework this summer using some of her ideas. I also suggest creating your stations with a colleague to reduce cost and time while increasing creativity.

  5. Thanks Liz ......that is very helpful. Here is my question to you if you come back to my blog....

    Do you teach whole group instruction first and then have stations afterwards......

    Do your students turn in some follow up sheets after the stations?


  6. I love, love love this post!!! Thank you so much for doing all the work! :) I cannot wait to implement some of these ideas with our math work stations. I am just getting started, so I was thrilled to see this post. :)

    Lil' Country Kindergarten


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