Saturday, January 21, 2012

Exciting News

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Hooray!!!!!  My Report Cards are Done!!!!

And now I can go exploring the new toy I bought for my kindergarten classroom......
I know this is crazy!!!  
However I am taking the advice I read somewhere the past several days ..... if you want the parents to see how valuable a ipad can be in the classroom you need to show them.  So I bought the first one ....and my hope is that they will donate another one at the school auction.  

Here are some of the apps I downloaded to try out this week:

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard
I thought this might be a nice  free teacher tool for me while working with the children on their word books.

I could not resist this story I would read this to my sister when we were little ......  she was my first student. :)
There is a Monster At The End of the Book
It has high reviews and it is supposed to be very interactive.  3.99

This spelling app costs .99 cents and it will be great for lots of my little ones who are struggling with short vowel sounds.   It has an option to alter the game to challenge different learners.

Word Bingo
This app is .99 cents and  I hope it will help my little ones with their sight words.  I also purchased the math version of this game as well.
Math Bingo

I found a great money game ...... I want to focus on counting money during February and March.... I was excited to find this app.  It has different levels so I can adjust it to challenge some of my students and still keep it easier for others.
Count Money
Sorry, again I paid for this one too....99 cents......but it is really cute.    BTW...I did not know there was a new design on the back of the penny.   

Here is a free one I found for is a bit challenging but I think it will be great for many of my students.
Motion Math:  Hungry Fish

What is your favorite app? could I forget I am four followers away from 300!  I am thinking of a giveaway.......ideas!  What is your favorite kind of giveaway....giftcard or theme units???  Share your thoughts!!!

Stay Warm!
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Sue :)


  1. how exciting!! I have an iPhone and I use that as an intervention with my students. They sit RIGHT beside me and I have them work different apps. Since a lot of my parents have iPhones this gives them a way to see how their phone can help their child. Oh on the phone I only have free apps. I use a handwriting app all the time. It helps the kids who come to school writing letters bottom up.


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