Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas Sticker Math Station

Christmas Sticker Counting Activity

I need to be honest.....

I read all about how wonderful Math Stations are on everyones' blogs.....and it is not working for me yet.  

I feel that I am not teaching everything that I need to teach.   I am extremely frustrated because my little ones do not seem to remember what to do at each station.  I spend a lot of time explaining and re-explaining to about 10 children.  .......   4 are avoiding doing work.....  and six are racing through everything.  

This month I am not going to introduce everything the first week.  I am going to slowly introduce a station when I have a minute .......  around other lessons.  

So many children did not complete all the tasks in November so I don't feel the need to quickly switch them all.  

Christmas Sticker Counting Activity
 There are ten cards that the children need to practice counting the stickers and then correctly print the numbers on the lines.    
I created this activity because I still have some little ones who struggle with counting and some other children who struggle with working independently.  
All my students need to work on printing their numbers.  

This is easy to make:  I purchased stickers at Target and the Learning Shop and put them on colorful cardstock.  I will laminate them when I get back to school.  

 Here is the recording sheet template........ I left it blank for you......just in case you want to use different stickers.  

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