Tuesday, August 30, 2011

House Keeping Area

This is what my housekeeping area looked like last week.  I did a little updating......

well actually I repainted the doll bed that belongs in the area.


I was so excited to take the finish  bed  to school today to share with the children.  The area looked great.....
I even added a green carpet from Target and a little green bucket for utensils....

The little girls in my class had one question for me,  "Where are the baby dolls?"   

I will try to remember to bring them back to school tomorrow.  I left them at home, after I cleaned them too.  

See my polka dot plan for the file cabinets.  I am thinking of covering the back of the file cabinets with white contact paper and then placing large polka dots back there similar to the picture below, of course in a pattern.
image from pinterest


  1. love it, the doll bed is adorable, and the rug looks great it added a homey touch!! The polka dots would be cute as well!!

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