Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Classroom Sign

I saw lots of teachers who have cute signs in their classroom with their names.  I thought what a neat idea for my classroom door.  I keep the door open all day long and my name is on the outside of the door.....why not have something on the inside of the door as well.

We have a lot of guests in our building and I think it would be very welcoming......and easy for them to find the kindergarten room as well.

I like to change things a lot so I made my board on a bulletin board so when I change my mind next year I can easily add changes to my sign.  

I have the background on black contact paper and green vinyl letters......easy to wash.

 The boarder, apple, and owl can change each year with my theme.  

I may add a speech bubble to my owl.....what do you think???


  1. Love you sign and I think a speech bubble would be awesome. They had some speech bubble die cuts at dollar tree.

  2. I love the font and I think a speech bubble would be a great idea. What will it say? "Whoooo's coming to my class this year?" LOL Or "Whooooo's ready for Kindergarten?"


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