Sunday, July 17, 2011

Welcome Cards for Students

Next week the new class lists will be published at my school.  This is a big deal for our students.....they have been waiting all summer to find out who will be their new teacher.

I like to welcome my students with a little card in the mail as well.  I try my best to time it so they get the card on the same day as the list posting on the school website.

Each year my card is a little different depending on my theme, this year my plan was simple: an owl in a tree.

Using my silhouette machine
btw......i love this machine
I cut out this tree shape

Here are my supplies all ready to start the project :)  I like to have everything ready before I start.

if you want a copy of the pdf of the HOOT labels click on the picture
click on here if you want a copy of the pdf

If you decide to make your own inside of the card I made it on Word.  It took me a while to line up the box correctly.

When I mail these cards out to the children I will add a little page of owl stickers that I found at the Learning Shop as well.   Just a little goodie to make each child smile. :)


  1. so cute, I like it much better than our boring welcome letter that my district does.

  2. Very creative and cute. You are lucky you get your class list so early!!

  3. You are lucky to get your class list early. At our school it's a deep dark secret. I often wonder why???

  4. A silhouette!! I have been considering this machine for a while now, but I'm nervous, I keep seeing so much about the Cricut. Convince me Sue! :)
    Dual Kinder Teacher


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