Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weekly To Do List for Free

I don't know about you but I must have about 100 post it notes throughout my lesson plan book and in my purse with reminders of what I want to do with the children, who still needs to read to me, what supplies I need to buy at Target, Walmart or the Learning Shop.

Last year I found an idea.....and sorry I don't remember where but all the lists in one notebook.

I loved my green notebook...I carried it everywhere staff bed case I woke up and needed to write something down..........which happens a lot at my age.

And one day my green notebook was filled and I moved to the yellow notebook and this time I added tabs to be a bit more organized.

As I am reading the book Kindergarten in Photographs the author, Jasmine Greene,  has a clipboard that she carries with her with one sheet of paper for the whole week and this works for her. 
I thought to myself.....maybe I could do the same.....but of course I would like to modify it for myself.   So I created the sample below with Word using Shapes and Text Boxes. 
I can not give you the one from the book, that's not nice, but if you would like a copy of mine you may.  :)

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